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The problem of my shyness

The person I admire is a very reliable, attentive, determined and innovative person. I met her when I was still in highschool as we were paired to do a very difficult project, a project which required me to be bolder and more creative. Being the shy me, she helped me. Since then she have become my bestfriend. In contrast to me, she is a very sociable person. She is always patient with me, always caring about my plight. She always tells me to break down the walls I built around myself and go for what I want. I hope I can overcome my shyness and become bolder when it comes to showing and telling others my new and creative ideas. I hope to improve and become someone like her.

29.10.12 11:26


What to Expect in College

There are a lot of things to get excited and scared about in college. College is different from high school in many ways. On your first year in college, you’ll probably hear your professors tell you that college is no high school. Stepping from high school to college is stepping into a higher education, meaning college is more tougher and you got to exert more effort to survive.

Here are some of the differences you can expect:

You have to manage your time. When you're in high school, your teacher will tell you specific pages to read and start working on your essay paper . However, in college, your professor will hand you the syllabus, and you have to do the rest yourself- readings to be done and the due dates of assignments. Manage your time based on all your syllabi from all your classes.

You have to study more. Professors often tell their students that college is no high school, that means whatever effort they used to exert in high school, they have to double or triple if they want to survive college. In college, studying has to be a major part of your life, not everything is taught manually so you have to read and learn on your own. There are more reading loads and requirements that come with these.



There is no A for effort. In high school, teachers sometimes give students credit if they try and don't do well at something. In college, you can study your tail off and get a D on the test. The only thing that matters is the end result, not the effort.

You won't be reminded about deadlines and tests. This is what the syllabus is for. It's your responsibility to know your deadlines.


Taking notes is more difficult. In high school, your teacher will probably give you an outline of the lecture and tell you what points will be on the test. In college, the professor often just talks. It's your responsibility to write everything down and know what is important.


College may sound painful, it actually is at time. The first year is probably the most difficult because you’re still in the adjustment phase. In college, you are on your own, and you have to work your way to get your diploma. With the right skills, discipline and proper motivation, you will survive college. 

24.9.12 09:06

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